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Since I've talked about my love for fanfiction on my blog before I thought I'd make a page to share some of my favourites. :D

The site that I use to read fanfiction on is There are plenty of other sites where you can find fanfiction on, but I like this one because it's all in the same place, and I love the way that the chapters are organized, and how easy it is to comment. :D If you guys want me to add more links for other sites though just let me know. I'm also open to story suggestions. :)

Descriptions below titles are the summaries from :)

Here are some fanfiction acronyms explained in case you didn't know what they meant:
AH - All Human. When a book is paranormal or characters aren't human, AH means that in this fanfic they are. For example, in a Twilight AH fanfic, there wouldn't be any vampires. :)
AU - Alternate Universe. Alternate Universe can be paired with AH, but it can also stand alone. If it stands alone it means that the fanfic doesn't follow the story line of the books. So for say The Mortal Instruments an AU with AH, could mean All Human in an Alternate Universe, or if it's just AU, it could just be that the fanfic is going along as if the secondary trilogy in the series hadn't been added. :)
OOC - Out of Character. This one's pretty self-explanatory. The character doesn't act like they do in their series. For example with Twilight, imagine a non-emo Edward, a fiesty Bella, or a slutty Alice. :P
Fluff - Fluff would be like "awwww" moments. :) It's not necessarily a commonly used fanfic term, but I like it in reference to ddpjclaf's work. :)
Lemon - Sex. That's pretty much all it means. :P In some cases it can be woven into a story with substance, or sometimes it's just sex, also called PWP or Porn Without a Plot. Lemon has a little more finesse. :P
CharacterXCharacter or Character/Character - This is a pairing. For Twilight, it might be ExB, which means Edward and Bella.
M/M - Male/Male pairing. Think Sherlock and Watson from the BBC's Sherlock (that pairing is HUGE in fanfiction). Same sex pairings are also commonly referred to as SLASH.
F/F - Female/Female pairing. Also referred to as SLASH as referenced above.
M/F or F/M - Male/Female or Female/Male (order doesn't really matter :P) pairing.
One-Shot - A one-chapter story. It ends there. These are generally shorter, but not always. Sometimes it's a long one-chapter story, but other times it can be a couple thousand words and that's it. :) One-shots have also been known to morph into longer stories. ;)


Jace X Clary

  • Turbulence by ddpjclaf - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
    • While dealing with a loss, Clary befriends her new neighbor's troubled foster-son. Can their friendship help them let go of the pain or will their pasts intervene and rip them apart? AU/AH PRETTY OOC. VERY FLUFFY. A wee bit of lemonade.

  • Covert Casanova by ddpjclaf - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
    • She's the artsy, outcast daughter of a rich, crooked lawyer. He's the self-absorbed undercover agent assigned to do whatever it takes to get the goods on daddy-even if that means making a play for his feisty daughter. AU/AH/OOC Fluffy. Lemonade.

  • The Nine Consequences of One Night and a Door by ddpjclaf - Rated M; AH; AU; In Progress
    • The teenaged daughter and son of sworn rivals meet with a bang one drunken night against the bathroom door. Now everyone must come to terms with the 9 consequences of one night, a girl, a boy, and a door. OOC AH/AU Lemonade. Vulgar language. Mature.

  • The Night Errand by butterburfieldfairy - Rated T; AU; Completed
    • It is amazing how one night can change your life. And for Clary, what started out as a simple errand for the King turns into a fight for survival. Because someone is out to kill her, and he's hired the best assassins the magical world could offer! AU 

TWILIGHT (Stephenie Meyer)

Bella X Edward

  • The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by hunterhunting - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
    • This one is no longer found on Fanfiction, but if you try googling for pdf versions you can usually find them. It's seriously worth looking for though, it's fantastic. Edward is a hockey player, and Bella is a student. Her stepbrother, Emmett, is on the same team as Edward...I'm sure you can kind of guess what happens. It's seriously amazing though! :D
  • The Wedding Party by spanglemaker9 - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
    •  The perfect person appears at the worst possible moment, and one unforgettable encounter changes everything. AH
    •  It Happened One Night by spanglemaker9 - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      •  Just one night, just for fun, no strings and no expectations. Simple things never stay that way.
    • Faking It by spanglemaker9 - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      • Half of Hollywood's most famous couples are faking it. That's how Bella Swan's publicist convinces her to pretend to date troubled Hollywood bad boy Edward Cullen. And she'll do anything for her band and her music. 
    • Waterloo by spanglemaker9 - Rated M; AH; AU; One-Shot turned Multi-Shot; Completed
      •  I was defeated; you won the war. But how could I ever refuse? I feel like I win when I lose. Bella hates Edward…maybe. Written for The Faithful Shipper's Abba One Shot Contest. AH

    • Served Cold by spanglemaker9 - Rated M; AH; AU; One-Shot; Completed
      •  When Bella has been wronged, nothing is more important than exacting her revenge. Right?
    • Strange Brew by Magnoilia822 - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      •  Soon-to-be college senior Bella Swan needs a summer job. Edward Cullen needs a worker for his new tasting room at Cullen Creek Brewery. She doesn't know much about beer, but she knows how to push his buttons. Romance/Humor, ExB, M for Lemons/Language
    •  Facebook Friends by GreenPuma - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      •  Bella is shocked when her sexy but standoffish lab partner, Edward, friends her on Facebook. Will Alice, convince her to accept Edward's friend request? Or will she write it off as a prank of the conceited, spoiled rich kid she knows him to be?
    • Riding the Fence by morethanmyself - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed
      • He's everything she thought she'd never want. He just wanted to get in her pants. Which side of the fence does she land on? "I don't go all fan-girl crush on anybody. I don't plan on starting now, either, especially over some random boy." 100% Cowboy Free
    • For the Summer by camoozle - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      • Every year Bella waits for the 'Pay Checks' to roll into her sleepy river town and every year Edward's hers, just for the summer. AH, AU, OOC, B/E 
    • My Brother's Best Friend by jennlynnfs - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      •  AU/AH: Seven years have passed since Edward and Bella last saw each other. Now, with Edward's return to Seattle, Bella wonders what drove away her brother's best friend all those years ago. *More detailed summary included with chapter 1.
    • The Swan Sisters by ohgeekyone - Rated M; AH; AU; Completed
      •  The gloves are coming off and the secrets are pouring out: two sisters fighting for the affection of 'the new guy'. It's almost biblical. Almost - the Bible would never use language like this.
    • Waiting Always Waiting by jennlynnfs - Rated M; AH; AU; One-Shot; Completed
      •  Bella's home from college for the summer. Her step brother Seth and his friends hang out at their house. Bella is reluctant to take part in their high school antics, but discover it's not so bad especially with Edward Cullen around.

    • When We Were Young by Fall Down Again Bella - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed
      •  Edward and Bella have been friends since they were toddlers. When they grow older, will their friendship become something more? Stories from when they were little, through teen and adult years. Modern day. T for later chapters.
    • The Boy At Table Seven by LyricalKris - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed
      • Life for a young waitress can be pretty mundane. The highlight of Bella's week was the lunchtime visit from the three sexy mechanics from across the street. Then one day there was a little boy at her table left alone.

    • The Art of Getting Fluffed by ChocolateSparrow - Rated M; AU; AH; In Progress 
      • Like every professional, Edward Cullen needs the right tools for the job. But what happens when they just don't work anymore? Cue Bella Swan, an expert at being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The adventures of Bunny and Fluff. Short funny chapters rated M for a reason.

    • One Day by RueforRegret - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed
      • Over a quarter of a century separates single-mother Bella Swan from her hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate her way through various rites of passage, Bella can't help falling prey to nostalgia. "One Day" brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman's mid-life attempt to reclaim it. ExB, AH, mild angst, M-Rated 18 & over.
    • Confessions After Dark by 2DrunkUnicorns - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed
      • "Everyone has something they'd like to confess…" Every Friday night, he calls. And every time he calls, I listen. A story about what happens when fantasy blends into reality – when the secrets we share are just as important as the secrets we keep.
    • The Space Where You Belong by morethanmyself - Rated M; AU; AH; In Progress (NEW ADDITION)
      • Jaded with love and resigned to being alone, Bella moves across the country to start over. There, she meets her quirky, bronze-haired neighbor, who just might change her mind.
    • Fan Fiction, Sex Gods, and Single Girls by bannerday - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed (NEW ADDITION)
      • *NOW WITH A FINAL EPILOGUE* After a mortifying first meeting, teacher/fanfiction writer, Bella, finds fic-inspiration in distracting, hot-headed, player-of-a-neighbor, Edward. But she really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. And she just might faint when she discovers who's reading her new fic. Art imitates life imitates art. A fic in a fic. AH/Canon Couples/UST/Humor/Love

    THE DARKEST POWERS (Kelley Armstrong)

    Derek X Chloe (a.k.a Chlerek)

    • The Boy With the Emerald Eyes by sch.94 - Rated T; In Progress
      •  After the tragic death of her parents, Chloe begins to see ghosts everywhere. She is confused and alone until she meets two mysterious boys who tell her what she really is. What will she do when they disappear? Can she find them before it's too late?
    • Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean by Lily-Finn178 - One-Shot; Completed
      • Chlerek/ He'd do whatever he could just to keep that smile on her face, even if meant that he had to hum all the stupid boy band tunes in the world.
    • Don't Go by Chromes - Rated T; One-Shot; Completed
      •  Told in Derek's POV when Chloe finds Derek as he was changing.

      HARRY POTTER (J.K. Rowling)

      Draco X Hermione (a.k.a Dramione)

      • A New Approach by aviddaydreamer - Rated M; One-Shot; Completed
        •  Draco Malfoy is determined to get under Hermione's skin this year, but she's found a new approach to an old problem that just might change things between them.

      • Avoiding the Dragon by PrincessHamideh - Rated M; AU; One-Shot; Completed
        •  Hermione has been a professor at Hogwarts for years. But how will she cope when Draco Malfoy steps of hiding to return to Hogwarts himself, and take the still vacant Potions position? AU, lemons.

      • Hogwarts: A History by RisingFire - Rated M; One-Shot; Completed
        •  Hermione Granger had always considered 'Hogwarts: A History' to be her book, probably because she had never known anyone else who had read it. But someone had taken it out of the library. And that someone was Draco Malfoy. Damn him. Dramione, light smut.
      • Insomnia by nightwalker21492 - Rated M; One-Shot; Completed (NEW ADDITION)
        • Hermione has insomnia. Can Malfoy help? ONE SHOT. Rated MA. I haven't written a story in a while so let me know what you guys think! :D Some GRAPHIC scenes.
      •  Three Sugars by oeuvre24 - Rated M; In Progress; Updated Regularly (NEW ADDITION)
        • Draco Malfoy's coffee break is his third favourite time of the day. Hermione Granger deciding her coffee break was at that time was a reason to change the position of his break in terms of where it ranked. Higher or lower, though...he wasn't quite sure. [Rated M for later chapters]


      Snow/Mary Margaret X Prince James/Charming/David

      •  In the Shadow of the Troll Brige by Nikstlitslepmur - Rated T; AU; In Progress
        • AU: Something DID jog the memory of our favorite prince that night...but it wasn't the windmill... --- Note: My favourite about this one is that Graham is in it, and I love how the author is bringing in more characters, like Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Belle, and Prince Adam, and even Captain Hook! :D It's different than the show, but I definitely love it. :D
      •  A Simple Intimacy by Small-Wonders - Rated K+ (PG); One-Shot; Completed
        • "Charming," Snow's voice is a low growl. "Pay attention." He grins, attempting to put on his most charismatic expression. "I'm trying. You're distracting." / In which a princess-turned-outlaw teaches a shepherd-turned-prince how to dance. One-shot.


      Percy X Annabeth (a.k.a. Percabeth)

      • You Found Me by WElaine21 - Rated M; AU; AH; Completed (**NO LONGER ON FANFICTION!)
        • Annabeth Chase a Senior at NYU meets Peter a successful song writer and hits it off with him right away. What happens when Peter turns out to be Percy Jackson the multi platinum recording artist? ALL HUMAN (No Olympians), OOC, Citrus- Nico/Thalia- Percy/Annabeth
      • Mine by WElaine21 - Rated M; AU; In Progress ((**NO LONGER ON FANFICTION!)
        • Annabeth Chase caught her fiancé cheating on her and decides to have a night of fun with her BFF Thalia. The next morning she wakes up with very little memory of the night before and two fresh bite marks marring her neck. What happens next? OOC, Citrus, Percabeth with mentions of Thalico (Thalia X Nico) and Jasper (Jason X Piper).
      • Falling for the Devil by WElaine21 - Rated M; AU; AH; In Progress ((**NO LONGER ON FANFICTION!)
        • Annabeth Chase, a socialite who didn't want her family's name to help her get anywhere in life, is coerced into marrying the most feared man in New York City- Percy Jackson. His cunning practices and crooked demeanor have given him a reputation that is respected simply because of fear. How does she fall for him? All human, HIGHLY OOC, Percabeth with hints of Jasper and Thalico. T/M
      *** These Percabeth fics are no longer available, but I'm going to leave them up here just because I loved them so much, and I'm really sad to see them gone! Hopefully some of you were able to enjoy these amazing stories before the author decided to go on hiatus because her stories were truly remarkable!

      ***If you're one of the authors of the above listed works, but don't want your piece linked to, let me know and I'll take it down. :)
      ***As mentioned, feel free to leave fanfiction suggestions below in the comments. Also, if there's anything else you'd like me to include about the fics let me know and I'll add it. :)


      1. Please check out my HP fanfics FATHER and "Harry Potter and the Last Year".

        Both have a Dramione element.

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      2. Is there any way to view the stories like Falling for the Devil if they have been take down off the fanfic website?


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